The Applied Systems Thinking (ASysT) Institute Publications

ASysT endeavors to advance the art and science of decision-making by applying systems thinking. Its analysts have supplied a variety of papers illustrating the benefits of taking the systems thinking approach in order to overcome our Nation’s toughest challenges.

Frittman, J.; McGee, S.; Yuhas, J.

Excerpt from the Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Acquisition Research Symposium Acquisition Management, Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) Acquisition Research Program, NPS-AM-13-C10P01R015-044, April 1, 2013

McGee, S; Joel, M; Edson, R

Presented at the Systems Dynamics Conference, Conflict Defense and Security Panel, Washington DC, July 25; 2011

Mussante, J.; Frittman, J.; Edson, R.

9th Annual Conference on Systems Engineering Research. Redondo Beach, CA.; 2011

Frittman J.; Edson, R.

Poster Presentation. National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) 11th Annual Science & Engineering Technology Conference /DoD Tech Exposition. Charleston, SC. 2010.

Frittman J.; Edson, R.

8th Conference on Systems Engineering Research, Hoboken, NJ; 17-19 March, 2010.